Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center Chicago, IL

About the Job

Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center seeks a special person with training and licensing as a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Co-Occurring Disorder (COD) Counselor (a CADC is required as well as either an LCPC or LCSW ).

Superior Motivational Interviewing skill sets must be self-evident in the demeanor and attending behaviors of the successful applicant.

We want someone who radiates tolerance and non-judgement as they wrestle with one of the toughest, most ignored and mistreated constituencies that exists: The Homeless, The Disenfranchised, The Uninsured, The Ignored, The Vulnerable and The Mentally and Behaviorally Challenged . . . our clients.

This position is also responsible for interacting with our clients during their non-supervisional time, for the purposes of developing a treatment plan that will reduce the harm, with abstinence as an ideal goal, that they are causing to themselves, their communities, and their environments. All peripheral and tangential responsibilities of traditional and substance use disorder specific counseling are also included in the job responsibilities of the Senior Counselor, including the knowledge and honoring of all aspects of the DASA 2060 and Rule 132.

Our Senior Counselors occupy positions of esteem and importance, saturated in the experiential richness of watching a variety of otherwise-ignored substance abusing constituencies come out of the fog and begin to operate as functional members of their families and communities. The experience of contributing to these numerous life-changing events is transformational and rewarding in a very rare way. The uniqueness of our treatment center is evident upon entry, but our programs reflect our one-of-a-kind approach to holistic wellness. They include: Street Yoga, Acupuncture, EFT, Art Therapy, Trauma Group (a very special time), REBT Training, and many more.

If you have read this far, good. One final note, you are required to participate in an 8-minute survey which is found at: .

Those who apply without taking this survey will not be considered.