Mentor - IT Trainer

Codecool Poland Sp. z o.o. Krakow, 77

About the Job

Codecool is an international school network for people who want to embark on a software developer career. We use innovative methods to train people coding within 18 months. Presented with real life projects, students graduate with experience required by the market. Currently, our schools are based in three locations - Budapest, Miskolc, Kraków.

We are looking for enthusiastic and experienced software developers who have the skills and motivation to train beginners to become professional junior programmers.

Apply if you:

  • Have a positive attitude and you can inspire beginners in programming,
  • Are a credible person with extensive programming experience - your primary programming language can be any that is currently used in the world of IT,
  • Believe in the practice-oriented, project-based learning model and you understand the difference between teaching and mentoring,
  • Are inclined to proactively influence people and things around you,
  • Speak fluent Polish and English (you will be mentoring in Polish but internal communication within Codecool is in English),
  • Love to learn and educate yourself continuously,
Why work at Codecool?
  • Because of the awesome atmosphere. Our offices are somewhere between a tech start-up and a university hallway, full of budding coding superstars.
  • Cool office. We’re no Google but we’re getting there.
  • We teach hard, play hard. At Codecool, you can take as much vacation time as you need.
  • You can stay on top of your tech while not sitting in front of a screen all day, every day. Plus, you get to use your skills to change people’s lives.
  • We are a flat organization: every mentor has a role, but there are no traditional bosses. So if you have an idea and the motivation to make it happen, it will happen. (note: this level of autonomy and freedom can also be scary for some people. There won’t be people telling you what to do tomorrow.)
  • We offer tech-industry salary. Not Zuckerberg-territory but we really appreciate your work.
  • Full-time contract. No funny business here.